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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Surveying - Instrument Person
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Job location: Chicago, IL  60018 United States
Requisition code: BHJOB12989_415
Date posted: 06/11/2017
Job category:Surveyor (RPLS)
Surveyor (SIT)
Surveyor Field
Job type:Full-time
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Job Description

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Work as a member of a survey crew performing boundary, topography, ALTA/ACSM land title survey, right-of-way and construction surveys for public and private clients. Maintains and operates all instruments and measuring devices needed to complete different types of survey work assignments.
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Job Requirements

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1. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of survey equipment, taking field notes, data collection
2. Operates survey instruments required to perform surveys as directed by supervisor. Able to temporarily direct the survey crew during the absence of the supervisor
3. Abides by safety requirements as well as traffic control and safety procedures within the MUTCD manual for a variety of surveying and construction operations
4. Responsible for the care, cleaning and use of a variety of surveying tools and equipment including field radios and trucks
5. Checks basic field adjustments on transits, total stations, total electronic station, data collectors, levels, compass, tribrachs, and tripods. This includes repeating observations
6. Assist in the reduction and check field notes for the determination of positions and elevations
7. Performs basic surveys: leveling, traversing, triangulation, public land surveys, metes and bounds surveys, construction surveys, and photo control surveys
8. Coordinates field work for a variety of standard types of surveys under the supervision of a supervisor
9. Keeps neat and orderly field notes for standard surveying operations: leveling, traversing, topographic mapping, layout, as-built surveys, boundary surveys, profile and cross-section surveys
10. Enters field data and produces positional information (i.e., leveling, traversing, stadia, topographic mapping) with either a hand-held calculator, computer software or data collector
11. Interprets control point records and data sheets, as well as locates points in the field
12. Shows responsibility in the profession (i.e. attire, honesty, respect for personal property)
13. Makes deliveries, pick ups and runs errands

EDUCATION: High school diploma or equivalent.

Courses in mathematics and surveying that are required in order to perform the above responsibilities.

1. Operate and maintain transit, level, theodolites, and data collector.
2. Being knowledgeable of trigonometry, geometry, algebra, coordinate geometry, and basic surveying computations
3. A familiarity with hand-held calculators is important
4. Know principles of staking and marking
5. Posses a clear knowledge and the understanding of basic plan reading and preparation (i.e., site plans, boundary plans, highway plans, profile and cross sections, horizontal and vertical curves, pipeline plans, foundation plans, and developing existing and finished contours)
6. Possess a basic knowledge of the terminology and principles of conventional drafting
7. Must be able to lift/carry 50 pounds
8. Must be able to walk on uneven surfaces
9. Must have a valid driver’s license
10. Must be able to exert the force necessary to pound stakes with hammer or sledge hammer
11. Must be able to exert the force necessary to operate a chainsaw and machete

OFFICE: Normal office working conditions with the absence of disagreeable elements.
FIELD: Able to withstand field and construction site conditions adverse/inclement weather.
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