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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Survey Crew Chief
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Job location: Chicago, IL  60018 United States
Requisition code: BHJOB12989_416
Date posted: 06/13/2017
Job category:Surveyor (RPLS)
Surveyor (SIT)
Surveyor Field
Job type:Full-time
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Job Description

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Work as a Head Leader of a survey crew performing boundary topography, ALTA/ACSM land title survey, right-of-way and construction surveys for public and private clients. Maintains and operates all instruments and measuring devices needed to complete different types of survey work assignments.
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Job Requirements

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1. Able to perform the duties and responsibilities of Survey I
2. Performing calculations and working with staff and clients on projects.
3. Involvement in the office will include reducing survey data, performing calculations, copying and filing of this data
4. Demonstrates lot, area, and intersection (bearing-bearing, distance-distance, bearing-distance) computations
5. Enters field data and produces positional information (i.e., leveling, traversing, stadia, topographic mapping) with either a hand-held calculator, computer software or data collector
6. Organizes and maintains field survey crew efficiently in completing specific jobs. Accurately calculates and records field data. Reviews job specifications and plans field work methods and costs
7. Consistently meets and then exceeds client expectations by ensuring accurate, complete and timely communication of information to and from clients and firm staff
8. May require minimal client contact during daily duties
9. Provides training opportunities to field and office survey staff
10. Performs quality control review of design plans as they relate to field work
11. Must be competent in the knowledge of/and able to perform the following: analyze survey control - Conventional and/or GPS

12. Responsible for reducing field data to coordinate geometry within the office and organizes deed and right-of-way map data in preparation for drafting. Prepares metes and bounds descriptions for boundary surveying projects
13. May serve as utility coordinator for Julie, state and local utility companies
14. May be required to perform the duties of CAD I
15. Assignments of increasing difficulty will be submitted as proficiency is increased
16. Coordinates details and dimensions between drawing sheets
17. Available to work nights and weekends to complete a project as necessary
18. Individual is flexible and may work with numerous project teams to help in project completion
19. Communicate with co-workers, management, clients and others in a courteous and professional manner
20. Maintains neat and orderly work area which will allow access to project information to other team members
21. Review all work for completeness and accuracy prior to submitting to supervisor for review
22. Provide an accurate accounting of time spent on projects with descriptions for each time entry on a weekly basis

Review work performance of field survey staff

EDUCATION: High school diploma or equivalent.
EXPERIENCE: Minimum of four years of relevant experience (can also be a combination of academic and practical knowledge)

1. Must be able to meet the requirements of Field Survey I
2. Comprehensive knowledge and familiarity with client contacts, dealing with the public and governmental agencies, field crew management, scheduling, equipment and supplies management
3. Have knowledge of general company policies as they relate to field and office operations, office work flow, procedures and field and office problem solving techniques
4. Able to evaluate personnel performance
5. Able to perform basic cost control techniques
6. Demonstrated knowledge of surveying ethics and technical standards of groups such as ALTA, NGS, NSPS, ACSM, BLM, and ASCE
7. Able to train Field Survey I so they may become more proficient in their position and gain knowledge toward promotion within the department and/or company

Professional Land Surveyor License (preferred)

OFFICE: Normal office working conditions with the absence of disagreeable elements.
FIELD: Able to withstand field and construction site conditions adverse/inclement weather.
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