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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Technology Internship
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Job location: Atlanta, GA  30324 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 04/11/2017
Compensation: Term: 3 months
Job category:College - University Intern
Geospatial Entry Level Technician
IT Software Development
Job type:Full-time
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Job Description

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Who we are:
Clearion Software is a leader in utility field operations and maintenance software. Clearion Software is widely recognized as the leading vegetation management solution for transmission and distribution utilities, with the software in use by hundreds of professionals across North America. Clearion also has a user base of utilities and service providers running the Clearion Mobile application for large scale asset data collection and inspection projects. Clearion Software was founded by GIS and software professionals who have dedicated their careers to improving utility operations through Esri-based GIS/IT solutions.

Clearion Software is a fast-growing company looking for a talented individual. Clearion is an ESRI Gold Business Partner with over 40 utility clients running our software to manage O&M activities.

What we offer:
Clearion Software is able to provide students the opportunity to work at a software company and gain experience in the following areas depending on experience level and expertise:
- ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Software including:
o ArcMap – Map Document Updates (Layers, Symbols, Labels, Definition Queries, Scales), Map Template Creation (Legends, Cartography)
o ArcCatalog – Tables , Domains, Coordinate Systems, Data Types o ArcToolbox – Data Management, Models, Python
- ESRI Mobile / Web Applications o ArcGIS Server – Web Services, Portal, ArcGIS Online
o ArcGIS Collector – Testing, Web Services, Installation
o ArcGIS Mobile for Windows – Testing, Web Services, Installation
- Database Management Systems including SQL Installation, Permissions, Querying, and Database Element Creation (Tables, Relationships, Domains)
- Software Support Process and Customer Server – Troubleshooting, Documentation, Incident Tracking Processes
- Technical Writing including Installation Guides, End User Guides / Walk Through Documentation
- Software Testing and Formal Quality Assurance Processes
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Job Requirements

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What we expect:

Culture Qualities
- Ability / Eagerness to Learn / Coachable
- Creative / Problem Solving
- Intelligence / Achiever / High Energy / Good Work Ethic / Assertive
- Responsive/ Follow-through
- Enthusiastic / Positive Attitude
- Oral and Written Communication
- Customer Oriented
- Collaborative, Team-Oriented
- Flexible / Adaptable

Job Related Experience
- General understanding of GIS and ESRI products
- Aptitude for technology
- Optional - Experience working with or support hardware or software
- Optional - Experience providing support to clients

For more information, please visit www.clearion.com
Please submit resumes to careers@clearion.com
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