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Job (this posting is now closed/inactive)

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General Information


Job title: Solutions Engineer - Charlotte
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Job location: Charlotte, NC  99999 United States
Requisition code: BHJOB12989_327
Date posted: 09/01/2017
Job category:Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
Job type:Full-time
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Job Description

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A self-starter, problem solver, and natural evangelist? Do you have some experience putting GIS to work in real estate environments? Put these qualities to work as a solution engineer, where you’ll have the opportunity to provide insight and help shape and deliver strategies to customers on the effective adoption and use of ArcGIS platform. Proactively craft and propose solutions that clarify how GIS brings business value to address critical business challenges faced by customers.
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Job Requirements

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A minimum of two years of experience with the ArcGIS platform using editing tools, performing spatial analysis, and creating geodatabases
Familiarity with sales and business development processes
Experience in technical consulting and conceptual solution design
Five or more years of related technology experience
Experience with DBMS technology such as SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, and Access
Familiarity with cloud computing concepts in addition to on-premise solutions
Experience with apps such as Facebook, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. and capable of leveraging data from those apps and other web environments
Experience integrating software solutions with other business systems including data warehousing, BI, CRM, ERP, and analytics platforms
Excellent presentation, interpersonal, and listening skills
Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively as part of a small, highly-skilled team
Bachelor’s or master’s in geography, computer science, or a related field


Experience participating in developer events (hackathon, hackfest, codefest, etc.)
Ability to troubleshoot client issues related to GIS application deployment and system architecture
Experience promoting software products and/or applications
Experience designing and delivering mobile or location-based business applications
Some programming and scripting experience with .NET, Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Flex, and/or Silverlight, iOS, Android, HTML5
Experience with ArcGIS Enterprise web applications or other web application development
Experience presenting GIS-based business solutions to executive audiences
Domain knowledge in real estate industries
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