Job: Professional Surveyor and Mapper, GeoSearch, Inc., Tampa, FL

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General Information

Job title:
Professional Surveyor and Mapper
Job location:
Tampa, FL  33607 United States
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Job category:
Surveyor Field
Surveyor (RPLS)
Surveyor (SIT)
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Job Description

This position is responsible for the planning, execution and production of various types of land survey drawings and map substitutes from inception to completion with minimal supervision and direction.

Essential Job Functions

• Plans and ensures the execution of land surveys and other survey related documents; signs and seal surveys.
• Interprets survey field notes to prepare certified boundary surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way control surveys and other survey related documents. Process and verify the accuracy and sufficiency of collected data.
• Provide everyday supervision of assigned survey field crew on quality and survey methodology, and gather all necessary information needed to meet the survey requirements.
• Assist Director of Surveying with business development, client management and preparation of proposals.
• Reduce field notes, make adjustments to field calculations and check calculations made by others.
• Prepare pre-calculations and assemble pertinent reference data for field crews to take to the field.
• Conducts quality control checks on compilation and performs QA/QC on deliverable products.
• Research field survey data, vertical control, certified corner records, geodetic controls points, appraisal maps and other sources to ensure survey work is compatible with adjacent properties and/or previous surveys.
• Makes vertical control surveys for aerial surveys; determines elevations for various surfaces.
• Establishes control for alignment and benchmarks; makes required line and elevation ties to existing centerlines and U.S.G.S. benchmarks.
• Perform field work when necessary.

Job Requirements

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in surveying and mapping field from an accredited four (4) year college or university recognized by the Florida Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers and possess a Florida Surveyor and Mappers license. Must have four (4+) years’ experience in responsible charge of all aspects of surveying and mapping. A valid Florida driver’s license and driving record acceptable to our company insurance provider is a condition of initial and continued employment.
(Job number: 3701552)
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