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General Information

Job title:
UAS Drone Pilot
Job location:
Phoenix, AZ  85022 United States
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Job category:
Aerial Systems Operator - Photographer
Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
Photogrammetric Systems Specialist
Photogrammetrist (certified)
Photogrammetrist (not certified)
Photogrammetry Manager
Photogrammetry Sales/Marketing
Surveyor (RPLS)
Surveyor Field
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Job Description

The UAS pilot is responsible for safely, completely, and accurately capturing data using UAS in the field which is then brought back to the office and handed off to other teams for processing. The UAS pilot needs to be able to plan a UAS mission for data capture taking into account all site specific variables such as location, airspace, client deliverables, and other factors. The UAS Pilot then needs to be able to safely execute the mission as planned managing any and all issues that may arrive in field so that the job is completed safely, completely and accurately the first time.

The UAS Pilot is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of any UAS the Pilot uses, as well as logging all flight and equipment use time.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter who is able to independently take a mission brief, assess all factors that may impact the competition of the mission, plan a mission that will capture all of the required data and then travel to the client’s site and execute the plan.

The ideal candidate will be able to work effectively with multiple teams on multiple projects simultaneously in a distributed workforce environment.

The ideal candidate will also have a passion for UAS, and a desire to learn and grow their skill set in a rapidly developing industry.


- Plan UAS data collection missions.
- Safely travel to and from client locations.
I- nterface with clients, adhere to site specific safety training, use site specific PPE, and follow site specific safety rules.
- Conduct risk assessment of site and flight operations.
- Safely operate UAS, such at the DJI Inspire 2, Phantom 4 RTK, and other platforms.
- Completely capture data safely and accurately using UAS.
- Ensure quality of captured data before leaving site.
- Upload captured data to data processing teams.
- Assist survey crews with placement and recovery of ground control.
- Maintain and care for UAS equipment.
- Log all operations and projects according to our procedures.
- Flex work as needed.

Job Requirements


- CURRENT FAA Part 107 Certification.
- Strong Understanding of 14 CFR part 107.
- UAS Flight experience. Please indicate number of flight hours in email.
- Ability to obtain FAA Class 3 Medical.
- Ability to pass random drug-screenings.
- Clean driving record.
- Ability to work independently.
- Extreme attention to detail and organizational skills.
- Problem solving skills – the ability to adapt planned missions when site conditions do not match plan.
- Ability to follow procedures.
- Good record keeping skills.
- Ability to safely work outside in Phoenix, AZ at all times of year.


- Experience working with Utilities, Municipalities, and on Construction sites.
- Land Surveying Experience.
- Photography experience (understanding of camera controls and how they impact captured image.
- Photogrammetry Experience.
- CAD Software Experience.
- Project management skills.

- 1-2 years of Survey Crew experience. Specifically as a TLS (Terrestrial Laser Scanner).
(Job number: 3832966)
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