Job: Junior Geospatial Imaging Specialist, GeoSearch, Inc., Denver, CO

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General Information

Job title:
Junior Geospatial Imaging Specialist
Job location:
Denver, CO  80123 United States
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Geospatial Entry Level Technician
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Job Description

We are seeking a Junior Geospatial Imaging Specialist to provide assistance to technical experts for geospatial imaging (remote sensing, photogrammetry, and management of aerial film collection) projects supporting natural and cultural resource management programs, including, but not limited to, forestry, botany, fisheries, hydrology, soils, wildlife, and fire ecology. The position will be responsible for collecting and managing data through various geospatial imaging means, preparing metadata, and performing all varieties of image and photogrammetric processing under guidance of technical staff.


- Primary responsibility will be supporting the client’s historical aerial film archive including preparation and shipping of film for photogrammetric quality scanning and updating/managing/maintaining the geospatially based film index.
- Perform image processing procedures such as orthorectification, image registration, atmospheric and radiometric correction, and mosaicking using software including ERDAS Imagine and ENVI.
- Derive spectral indices (i.e., NDVI), pan-sharpened imagery, classification, and change detection products from remotely sensed data under the supervision of the lead Remote Sensing Specialist.
- Develop orthoimagery, digital terrain models, 3-D point clouds from UAS and traditional aerial imagery using PhotoScan or similar modern photogrammetric software.
- Process Full Motion Video datasets.
- Participate in project teams providing geospatial imaging support.
- Attend meetings, conference, and/or seminars to present work and project findings
- Develop metadata for geospatial imaging datasets compliant with client and other federal standards.

Job Requirements

- Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in a geospatial or related discipline.
- Minimum 1 year of professional remote sensing or photogrammetry experience.
- Professional or educational knowledge of photogrammetric and structure from motion principals including aerial triangulation

- (AT), semi-global matching (SGM), bundle adjustments, stereo compilation, dynamic camera calibration, and more.
- Data validation and accuracy assessment techniques for quantification of error in geospatial datasets.
- Experience managing and maintaining ESRI and SDE geospatial databases
- Knowledge of raster, point cloud, and 3D data formats geotiff, img, sid, jpg, ascii, las, ply, 3D PDF
- Professional or educational knowledge of concepts and principles of remote sensing (including sensors, platforms, software packages, and current science and technology trends), and competence in digital image processing, geographic information systems use, and other geospatial technologies.
- Some professional experience with image processing and photogrammetric software packages including LAStools, ERDAS Imagine, PhotoScan, and/or ESRI’s Suite of Image-related tools.
- Experience working with multiple types and resolutions of remote sensing data with an emphasis on aerial photography. The incumbent should be able to demonstrate knowledge of other sensor technologies and platforms such as LiDAR, stereo-captured commercial high-resolution satellites, LANDSAT, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).
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