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General Information

Job title:
Remote Sensing Tools Developer
Job location:
Lakewood, CO  80123 United States
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Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
IT Ecommerce-Web Development
IT Management
IT Sales/Marketing
IT Software Development
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Job Description

This is a full time 24 month position.

We are seeking a Remote Sensing Tool Developer to work directly with its federal government client at the Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado. The successful candidate will design, configure, develop, maintain and optimize online geospatial imaging tools that meet the needs of the client’s many geospatial projects. The Remote Sensing Tool Developer will work in many different software environments such as Google Earth Engine, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online for Organization and Geocortex Essentials.


- Study, understand and document the purpose, specific requirements, and desired outcomes for each project requiring the use of an online geospatial tool
- Design web-based geospatial imaging tools (including web interfaces/front-end) for variety of projects (chiefly including the front-end Graphical User Interface for the client’s existing programs), meeting specific requirements from the business, IT, and security components of the tool
- Provide technical assistance to end users accessing and using geospatial tools.
- Coordinate the development, configuration and maintenance of the geospatial imaging tools developed by other contractors and federal employees as needed, including reuse and recycle of tool components and scripting logic and/or snippets
- Provide trainings and reviews of geospatial tools during development for user review and feedback as well as training on use of final products
- Ensure the full documentation of each geospatial tool as needed including scripting, model, and workflow documentation as well as development of help files and user guides (include training of staff on how to update apps and fix bugs as needed - particularly with JavaScript and front end web development, but also with other related tools)
- Identify and communicate any needed geodatabase schema and/or web service needs to appropriate staff during the development of geospatial tools
- Build and configure interactive web-maps and web-app using existing Commercial off-the-shelf products such as Google Earth Engine Apps, Latitude Geographic Geocortex, ESRI ArcGIS Online, and Portal for ArcGIS
- Provide technical consultation on the development of tools within a Cloud Environment such as Google Earth Engine and the Google Cloud Platform
- Provide technical support with JavaScript for Google Earth Engine
- Provide technical support with Python scripting and the ArcPy site package for ArcGIS 10.x
- Create and manage data automation scripts using Python, and JavaScript
- Assist in preparation of best practice documentation for the developed apps/tools
- Participate in the monthly/weekly coordination calls, and other associated project conference calls
- Prepare weekly status reporting in a format agreed upon by the Contract Officer’s Representative (COR)

Job Requirements


- Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or a STEM field
- Demonstrate professional knowledge and experience of greater than 5 years with Python or/and JavaScript
- Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 4 years in development and documentation of geospatial tools in a web environment.
- Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 3 years with ESRI’s software.
- Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively to lay persons and geospatial technical experts alike
- Demonstrate professional experience building applications within a Cloud Environment
- Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 3 years in Front-end Web Development skills in HTML, CSS, XHTML, Ruby on Rails, Docker, JavaScript / REACT, and others
- Strong working knowledge of SQL and relational databases
- Able to troubleshoot and debug complex applications and systems
- Experience building and using Rest web services
- Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate professional knowledge of concepts and principles of remote sensing
- Preference shall be given to candidates that demonstrate experience applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision models for geospatial applications
- Preference will be given to those candidates that demonstrate professional experience with customizing and/or extending Google Earth Engine Apps using Python or JavaScript
- Preference will be given to those candidates that demonstrate designing and developing Latitude Geographic’s Geocortex sites, viewers, and workflows.
(Job number: 3853197)
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