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General Information

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Project Manager
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Colorado Springs, CO  80918 United States
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Geospatial Management
Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
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IT Management
Photogrammetry Manager
Remote Sensing Management
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Job Description

We have been providing back-office and BPO services to clients in the US, Canada and the UK since 1998 in specific vertical markets including digital mapping and data processing. We are headquartered in New York and have offices in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Canada. We have two production operations in India, employing approx. 900 professionals.

Over the last few years, our business has grown significantly, resulting in a considerable increase in the number of clients and number of projects in progress at any given time. To help us manage our projects smoothly and effectively, we are looking for an experienced Project Manager (PM).

The Project Manager will work from our Colorado Springs office and report directly to the President and COO. He/she will be the all-important link between our production teams in India and clients for successful project execution. The PM will be responsible for the following:

- Project communication with Clients in the USA and Canada: On-going email and telephone communications with clients regarding current and upcoming projects. This would include providing regular updates to clients on the progress of current/on-going projects, input data needs, any changes in project costs and/or schedules, any quality-related topics, etc. For any upcoming projects, this would also include communication regarding pricing (with approval from our principals) and estimated completion schedules.

- Coordination with Production Teams in India: On-going email and telephone communications with production teams in India regarding current and upcoming projects. For current projects, this would include communicating client expectations to the production teams, any changes in project size and specifications, scheduling needs, any client feedback, etc. For upcoming projects, it would also include communicating project requirements, requesting effort levels, providing clarifications and answers to the questions from production teams, etc.

- Coordinate pilot projects: Facilitate coordination between clients and production teams in India related to any pilot projects requested by clients / potential clients.

- Monitoring of Project Progress: Keep track of the daily deliveries and communicate that to clients on a regular basis as agreed with clients. Keep clients fully informed about their projects at all times, and build long-term relationships.

- Ensuring Client Satisfaction: The PM will need to be aware of all aspects of projects and ensure that all client needs are met, especially related to quality and turnaround time, in coordination with production teams in India.

- Month-end Invoicing Information: Generate accurate information at the end of each month regarding invoicing for the work completed during the month.

Job Requirements

Successful candidate will:

- Have at least a Bachelors degree

- Have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in managing projects of various sizes and durations. Experience in managing mapping projects will be a big plus.

- Be knowledgeable in project management techniques and tools

- Have experience in cost estimation methods and schedule management

- Demonstrate ability to work independently

- Be sincere, highly responsive, client-centric, conscientious and detail-oriented

- Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills
(Job number: 3858940)
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