Job: Stereo Compilation Specialist, Dallas Aerial Surveys, Dallas, TX

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General Information

Job title:
Stereo Compilation Specialist
Job location:
Dallas, TX  75001 United States
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Job category:
Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
Photogrammetric Systems Specialist
Photogrammetrist (certified)
Photogrammetrist (not certified)
Photogrammetry Manager
Photogrammetry Sales/Marketing
Remote Sensing Management
Remote Sensing Sales/Marketing
Remote Sensing Technician
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Job Description

Dallas Aerial Surveys is actively recruiting for a Stereo Compilation Specialist in Dallas, TX.  This position is responsible for providing engineering accuracy maps and digital terrain models (DTM’s) of existing conditions, which are used as the basis for planning studies, design, plats, and construction final quantities.

This position compiles planimetric data from stereo models into three-dimensional files. This position also interprets and extracts data from aerial imagery and compiles engineering quality planimetric (ground features) maps and DTM’s (elevation data) with a varying degree of complexity. This position operates softcopy workstations using DATEM photogrammetric software. The quality of the data has significant impact on the project success.

Job Requirements

- Qualified candidates will possess the ability to see in stereo and have 5+ years’ experience as a stereo-compiler.
- Experience using Image Station, DATEM,Orthopro, Geocue, TerraModel, Auto Desk, Microstation is preferred.
- Experience with LiDAR processing, Aerotriangulation, digital imagery processing.
- Working knowledge of LiDAR classification and DEM creation.
- Quality Assurance, documentation and providing feedback.
- Assist with the production of Photogrammetric and digital mapping products in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

- Ability to see in three-dimensions and pass a stereo test.
- Ability to obtain 20/20 correctable vision.
- Ability to use both hands to operate a stereo measuring mouse.
- Extensive knowledge of photogrammetric engineering principles, methods, techniques, standards and instrumentation.
- Knowledge of large-scale compilation.
- Extensive knowledge of aerial photo interpretation.
- Extensive knowledge of Photogrammetry.
- Knowledge of physical geography.
- Knowledge of cartography.
- Extensive knowledge of planimetric stereo compilation mapping methods and procedures.
- Extensive knowledge of digital terrain modeling theory, methods and procedures
(Job number: 3865702)
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