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General Information

Job title:
Fire Geospatial Analyst
Job location:
Denver, CO  80225 United States
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Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
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Job Description

We have an immediate need for a Fire Geospatial Analyst to work onsite at a government facility in the Denver Area. The position will serve customers across the agency and the interagency fire organization. The client agency has current and fully developed data management guidance for the organization. The position includes a large emphasis on documentation of requirements, processes used, and complete metadata to meet business requirements.


· Implement data quality control procedures and create reports summarizing quality, issues, and proposed resolution. Prepare data for publishing in multiple formats, such as services or layer packages, internally and externally. Assist with the publication of data and metadata to internal and external data portals for use in the fire and resource programs;
· Review, create and maintain metadata to agency specifications for datasets and services;
· Work with data stewards and data administrator to define user requirements and implement projects though deriving data requirements, configuring applications, and creating documentation;
· Support local geospatial staff in creation of geospatial databases and manage geodatabases in an enterprise environment including providing support to update and maintain the agency’s fire and natural resources data;
· Acquire data from multiple internal and external sources and formats to integrate into a geospatial dataset including navigating file directory structures, spatial data portals, and websites.
· Develop unique and standardized cartographic products using ArcGIS Desktop. Map content will range between single subject depictions to multiple values on a single map.
· Perform data analysis (geospatial and alpha-numeric) as requested to support the creation of reports, and briefing documents related to resource and/or wildland fire program management questions.

Job Requirements


· Demonstrate professional experience of greater than 2 years with Esri’s suite of desktop GIS software primarily focused on ArcGIS Desktop and extensions.
· Demonstrate professional knowledge in applying geospatial technologies, including geoprocessing, to address wildland fire, natural resource, public safety, emergency management, and/or land management business requirements by providing a minimum of 2 specific work examples. Preference will be given to candidates that have direct wildland fire management experience.
· Demonstrate professional experience managing data from multiple sources including coming to a single data set and editing geometry and attributes. This can include creating, managing, and maintaining geospatial databases (including Esri file and SDE geodatabases);
· Demonstrate professional experience with quality assurance plans and quality control procedures integrated with the production and maintenance of geospatial data including manual and automated procedures. Preference will be given to those candidates that can demonstrate the ability to create models or tools.
· Demonstrate professional experience in identifying and documenting reference data sources, integration processes, and domain values. Demonstrate professional experience writing FGDC and/or ISO metadata for vector and/or raster products;
· Demonstrate professional experience creating and updating unique and/or standardized cartographic products using ArcGIS Desktop.
· Demonstrate knowledge of web services and web applications. Preference will be given to candidates with general knowledge of publishing ArcGIS Server 10.2 or higher services including map, feature, image, and geoprocessing services. Preference will be given to candidates with direct knowledge of configuring using Geocortex software to create web applications.
· Demonstrate knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures within a public safety, natural resource or land management organization.

All job offers are contingent upon passing a background check and drug screening.
(Job number: 3925139)
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