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IT / GIS Specialist
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Montrose / Remote, CO  81401 United States
New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, California
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$42,000-$52,000 (depending on experience and FT vs PT employment arrangement)
Competitive healthcare & paid time off
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Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
IT Software Development
Geospatial Entry Level Technician
IT Sales/Marketing
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Job Description

The West Region Wildfire Council (WRWC or The Council) is a nonprofit based in Montrose, CO. The organization
promotes and empowers community wildfire adaptation while increasing resiliency to future wildfire. WRWC acts as the
regional focal point for coordination and collaboration around strategies for reducing wildfire risk in WUI communities
within Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel counties.

The West Region Wildfire Council has a governing Board of Directors. The WRWC Board of Directors is made up of
appointed state, county and local representatives with federal liaisons from the BLM & USFS.

- Understanding and assessing wildfire risk – at the landscape, community and parcel scales.
- Emphasizing education – to elevate understanding of the wildfire issue and the emerging science related to
techniques/strategies for mitigating wildfire risk in efforts to further the discourse between community members,
wildfire managers and others under the fire adapted communities’ umbrella.
- Empowering measurable wildfire mitigation via:
o On site, in person visits with trained wildfire mitigation specialists and foresters.
o Delivery of site-specific wildfire risk reduction recommendations, leveraging science and innovative technology,
while providing incentives and pathways for being recognized for mitigation accomplishments.
o Technical field assistance for designing and laying out fuel’s reduction, defensible space and associated vegetation
management projects.
o Financial incentives for implementing vegetation management projects.
- Increasing the pace of multi-scale wildfire adaptation- WRWC is committed to collaboratively and strategically
focusing efforts in priority high risk WUI areas to complete measurable wildfire risk reduction activities that result in
increased community and ecosystem resiliency.

Job Requirements


The staff of the WRWC is a small and hard-working team that is dedicated to making great work happen with limited
resources. We have a strong passion for our work and are driven each day to further our impact and reach our (lofty!)
goals. We utilize a team oriented and collaborative approach to address the wildfire issue – one that is large in scale and
complex in nature. We understand that addressing the wildfire issue requires a dedicated and multi-disciplinary approach and we seek to leverage the best available science, the best available technologies as well as our partnerships and relationships to further our work and impact. As a team, we value high-quality work product, an ability to recognize needs coupled with the willingness to jump in and begin addressing those needs. We are committed to honoring commitments and we value capacity to think outside the box, innovate and move our programs forward in support of the WRWC mission. If working in this kind of environment is of interest to you, working for the West Region Wildfire Council may be an ideal opportunity for you!

The Information Technology & Geographic Information Systems (IT/GIS) Specialist will lead all work related to
development and support of IT and GIS technologies and needs for the West Region Wildfire Council. While providing
organizational oversight and strategic direction, the WRWC Systems Technology Specialist is primarily responsible for:

Information Technologies - WRWC utilizes and leverages a variety of information technologies to facilitate complex program delivery and management, track impact and outcomes, communicate with external partners and stakeholders as well as for a variety of other critical organizational needs. The position provides staff with IT solutions when and where feasible and, when not feasible, manages outsourcing of service needs. In addition, WRWC currently utilizes GSuite and Google Drive for file storage and networking. The position will provide administrative network and digital file/system management as well as manage all software and licensing needs for the organization.

Web Content Management / Webmaster - Clear communication with landowners, homeowners and affiliated organizational partners is a critical component to our organizational success. WRWC’s website sits at the center of those communications and the IT/GIS Specialist will be the primary lead in managing the website, in close coordination with all staff. The position will oversee and manage all matters related to web hosting and domain management and ensure that WRWC’s online presence meets or exceeds industry standards related to web privacy and security. The IT/GIS Specialist will lead all efforts associated with website management for including content updates, changes to formatting, new website development in coordination with WRWC staff.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Geospatial data is a critical component to effective wildfire preparedness and risk mitigation efforts. As the sciences related to wildfire risk management advance, geospatial data is becoming an increasingly important pillar to increasing understanding, facilitating communication and improving management level decisions and cross jurisdictional coordination. The position will oversee and manage all GIS related functions for the organization; provide support to staff that are utilizing GIS for projects and program functions including keeping current and managing base and project geospatial data. The GIS/IT Specialist will participate in select mapping projects.
Mobile data collection technologies: WRWC staff conduct field-based wildfire risk assessments and perform other
forms of field-based data collection. Staff utilize Collector for Arc, Survey 123, Avenza Maps or similar mobile data
collections technologies. The IT/ GIS Specialist will develop geodatabases, provide programming and complete other
necessary tasks to help support WRWC, and program partners, in the use of mobile applications for data collection.
The Position will also provide back-end data management for all mobile data collection efforts; ensure data
stewardship; develop/organize appropriate metadata files; package data as necessary and otherwise ensure mobile
data collection efforts are integrated in to internal and external data management systems.

MyWildfireRisk Technologies Management - The MyWildfireRisk Program leverages mobile and web-based technologies to advance efforts to empower homeowners with science-based, site specific, tailored and actionable risk mitigation recommendations. The IT/GIS specialist works with WRWC staff and program partners (Community Wildfire Planning Center) to realize the potential of these technologies by providing critical support related to the functionality of the mobile and online technologies. The position will also coordinate with staff and the contracted 3rd party application and technology service provider.

Data Management - WRWC strives to take a systematic approach, utilizing data collection as a key pillar to our strategy. As such, data management is an increasingly important organizational need. The position will work to integrate newly collected data in to existing databases and coordinate with programmatic partners related to data sharing and collaborative risk planning/mitigation efforts. The position will utilize assessor data and risk data to develop and clean direct address mailing lists for WRWC outreach initiatives. The position will also support staff efforts to package/develop risk data and/or maps for use in projects, reports, grant applications or other special uses as needed.

Grant Tracking Master-Project and Program Level Tracking - Internal project level and programmatic tracking is a critical component to our work to meet the challenge of honoring commitments (e.g. grant and agreement deliverables) while moving our organization forward. WRWC currently utilizes a Google Sheet, with numerous tabs, to manage a significant amount of program related data/information. The position will integrate with staff and programs to learn about the functionalities of Grant Tracking Master (GTM) and will provide technical support to staff to ensure GTM is working smoothly. The position will also lead efforts in researching and recommending a GTM 2.0 utilizing a different technology that provides the same level of functionality (at minimum) but increases efficiencies or provides other improvements (e.g. AirTable is one potential future solution) to our data management needs.

Mitigation Specialist/Forester Cross Training - WRWC is a small organization and staff work across multiple disciplines and specialties. As such, cross training of staff in certain program areas is part of this position. Cross training in WRWC’s Vegetation Management Cost-Share Program, Rapid Wildfire Risk Assessment initiatives, Project cost data analysis and Do Not Exceed rates, Site Visit program including scheduling, etc. will be integrated into the position as time allows.

Organizational Sustainability & Other Duties as Assigned - The staff of the WRWC are required to be strategic problem-solvers with the ability to nimbly jump in and participate in any variety of tasks or duties that help move WRWC forward. The IT/GIS specialist may help develop report summaries, participate in presentations, assist with map/ data needs related to grant proposals and reporting, etc. WRWC staff are committed to working as a team, stepping in and pulling weight when and where needed with a ‘nothing is below me’ attitude.

- Strong proficiency with word processing, spreadsheets and database management
- Strong proficiency with Google suite of applications (Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, etc.)
- Strong proficiency with ESRI products (ArcMap, Catalogue, Collector, Survey 123, ArcOnline, etc.) as well as Avenza.
- Strong proficiency with other mobile and web-based technologies
- Desire to support overall programmatic efforts and outcomes via the IT/GIS role.
- Self-starter and self-motivated
- Attention to personal relationships
- Possess innovative follow through- whereby concepts go from ideas to self-lead implementable change or action
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Team player with the ability to collect many different types of input and move forward in a positive, productive way
- Ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects and activities
- Close attention to detail and organization
- A clean driving record as well as Colorado issued driver’s license (or ability to get one)
- Ability and willingness to drive an organization owned vehicle for travel within the work area
- Ability and willingness to use a personal vehicle for travel within work area (see “mileage reimbursement” below). The
need for this is anticipated to be limited.

- College degree in a related field OR;
- Two years of experience in GIS/IT field with a proven track record.
(Job number: 4048161)
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