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General Information

Job title:
GIS Specialist
Job location:
Cheyenne, WY  99999 United States
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Job category:
Geospatial Mid Level Specialist
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Job Description

We are seeking a GIS Specialist to work out of our client’s office in Cheyenne, WY. Remote work may be considered for candidates within the state of WY. This is a one-year contract.

Responsibilities include:

• Perform computerized mapping and digital data conversion, manipulation, and analysis.
• Work with variety of geospatial datasets from sources within and external to the federal government such as Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD).
• Apply geospatial technologies to address natural resource and/or land management business requirements.
• Digitize map and geographical features into various GIS layers.
• Produce digital and publication quality cartographic products as requested by the Task Manager.
• Assist with the implementation of metadata including creating, verifying, editing, and reviewing metadata to meet specified standards.
• Work with Wyoming data stewards, data modelers, geospatial technical specialists, and data administrators to interpret business needs to derive data requirements into applications and data distribution and publication systems.
• Assist in the development of new state level data standards for Threatened and Endangered (T&E) species, cleanup and crosswalk of legacy data, field collection methods, scripted export for external use.
• Perform image and raster analysis to compare changes over time and to classify vegetation and/or timber lands for sensitive and T&E Plants and Trees.
• Assist with data collection, consolidation, sharing, and general data management activities.
• Work with Wyoming staff to document the integrity, quality, and accuracy of data currently used in the distribution and publication systems, specifically PLSS/CadNSDI, SMA, FME, integration of GTLF data with attributes from the FAMS, RECS and other associated recreation datasets, and all other nationally standardized geospatial datasets as directed by the Task Manager.
• Ensure that data requirements, data standards, access rules, and business rules are followed.
• Perform analysis of business data.
• Map and trace data from system to system to solve a given business or data problem.
• Develop quality control procedures for datasets, design and create data reports and reporting tools to help data stewards improve quality and integrity.
• Improve the quality and accessibility of Wyoming geospatial data.
• Identify and document reference data sources, integration process, and domain values as information that is collected.
• Develop and document geodatabase schemas to support and meet the business data requirements documented during business analysis.
• Assist in compiling initial statewide datasets, integrating and cleaning up legacy data, creating metadata, documenting the process, and establish the geospatial data quality reporting processes.
• Participate in the monthly/weekly conference calls and in-person meetings.
• Prepare weekly status reporting in a format agreed upon by the Task Manager and Contract Officer’s Representative (COR).

Job Requirements

(see job description above)
(Job number: 4051000)
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